Rethink The Way You Sell
Jeff Bajorek

Rethink The Way You Sell

Jeff Bajorek

Rethink The Way You Sell

Think harder. Sell better.

How Do You Define Selling?

Early in my career, I heard Brian Tracy call selling "a transfer of enthusiasm from one party to another." That was the first time I thought about what the word 'selling' really meant.

I like to think that selling happens any time someone does something that they wouldn't ordinarily have done if it weren't for you asking them to.

You don't have to carry a quota or a sample bag to be in sales. You just need to create value for people by solving problems.

Why You Should Join Me

Most salespeople think that if you just tell them what to do and what to say, then they can be successful. That's just not the case.

In order to sell successfully, you need to know why those steps are arranged in that order; why those particular words are used; why those questions are asked.

You need to dig deeper. You need to think harder. You need to have fun .

This is not just a sales community about sales. This is a community celebrating what it's like to be in sales. The good, the bad, and everything in-between.

This Is More Than A Mailing List

Mailing lists provide you with content and information, but that's typically where the engagement ends. Who even comments on blog articles anymore? 

Social media networks are crowded, and people are often there for their own benefit rather than that of others. 

Selling is more of a lifestyle than a job. You need a place where you can talk shop but also relate to people and their interests outside the office.

I created this space for you. This is where I come to empty my brain, share wisdom, provoke thought, and have fun. 

I think you'll like it here, and I can't wait to see you inside


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